It´s Your Responsibility!

It´s happen to me stupidly that I left out the gloves and the protector pants one… But believe me, I would never get on my bike without a helmet even in countries where it is much more relaxed  concerning the legal requirements. You only have this one life – there is no second chance!
So please be aware and never forget the necessary safety clothing before you get on your bike!

Nishua Enduro Carbon

Plus: very easy to put on and take off; very light; very good suitability for spectacles; excellent fit, very comfortable lining; very good aerodynamics, absolutely stable even at higher speeds; relatively low noise level; good ventilation, practical upper head ventilation slider; clear visor lock, very large field of vision, easy visor change, pin lock as standard; adjustable visor; neat workmanship; excellent shock absorption values; price.

Minus: chinstrap padding too short; no visor locking mechanism when completely closed; extremely limited colour choice.

Conclusion: stable and relatively quiet on the road, light and airy on lose ground – the Nishua Enduro Carbon consistently implements the mix theme. Top shock absorption values make the test victory finally clear.

MOTORRAD verdict: very good (MOTORRAD test winner 04/2020)