About Me

Hello, my name is Hans and after many years of working in GxP Compliance Management, I decided to dedicate myself to the  passion of motorcycling and the desire to do this worldwide.

What do we represent as individuals on this planet of ours?
A tiny dot barely visible to the naked eye. And because of the appreciation of the diversity on this planet that is to be preserved, we should respect and accept this. 

And even so some of us take ourselves so seriously and believe they can determine what happens to all the other individuals and the planet Earth as a whole.

But our biggest mistake is that we often overlook the beautiful, the obvious and the desirable. Namely the possibilities we have, despite our insignificant size, to visit and explore many, almost all places on this planet.

I would like to try this.

I often hear the question why of all things with the motorcycle?

And my answer is always the same. I want to get as close as possible to the people I meet on my journey.

I want to leave the main roads. Travelling through small towns and villages I would probably drive past with a camper. Furthermore, it could be difficult to drive on the Pamir Highway with a camper 🙂

Of course, there would be the possibility to go by bike. Or even to explore everything on foot.

Honestly, I am too comfort oriented for that and I also like to ride my motorcycle. It is my passion.

My admiration and respect goes to the many young people who do this without financial reserves. This would have been unthinkable for me. On the one hand I lacked the courage to do it, on the other hand there is the philosophy of life of my generation.

But now the time has come. When I became 56 years old, I embarked on a new life journey.

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